Purchase, Renovate & Decorate

Julia and Roger always wanted a home they could decorate in their style. They found a house in Hampshire, 7 years ago, which they think that will be an ideal for living for them.

The former owner had converted the big house from a series of bedsits back to a family house having 4 bedrooms very much suitable for a small family.

The couple was delighted to see the proportions of the hall, the huge central bedroom and the illumination which filled each and every room. Furthermore there was a studio on the third floor, where Julia may do her potential work. She was a freelance knitwear designer.

They saw the house and didn’t ready to say that it is perfect, because artex has been used all around. All the window frames and doors were colored in dark brown varnish & raspberry pink. An ugly designed carpet in the hallway merged with pink floral lino in the kitchen. The roof was demanding to be replaced. The cellar was flooded and near about all of the original features and fireplace had entirely changed and their originality has disappeared.

Roger and Julia decided to do the renovation & decoration work themselves.

Julia told that when we moved in we had very little spending money left in our pocket. My love of making things and sewing came from my mum, but fortunately my dad taught me a lot about decorating and how to hang wallpaper. Roger was not interested to do anything remarkable, except plumbing or electrification of the house.

The couple planned to decorate each room with a nice planning, like removing the Artex, rolling the carpets, rubbing the floorboards with sandpaper, cleaning off woodchip and varnish.

Julia admits she is impatient and likes to do things rapidly, while Roger is cool minded and does the work with a planning.

Julia said “I tend to start things and John ends up finishing them off”.

Roger managed to dislodged a pane of glass and drop it into the front garden below. The kitchen and dining area were a big challenge for them. Olden brown units and hob, grey work surfaces and floral tiles combined to make a dark and uneasy space. As Julia was thinking to make livable in the short period,

She cleaned the units and tiles with spirits,   and then painted them with white emulsion, after that she gave a coat of satinwood. Julia had to mix two shades of blue paint together to get the deep color she wanted on the units.

They decided to keep the dining room dark, while the living room as sunny.

They apply a coat of emulsion with a glaze.

Julia said “It is a dark room anyway and we intended to use it for amusement in the autumn and winter, so we thought about a deep or color it with a comfort & cooling effect color. The walls complement warm oak flooring. We have got over a lot of hurdles to make a home we are proud of. It was definitely worth it.” said Julia.

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Let’s Enter in a Compact Design Kitchen

Let's Enter in a Compact=

Going outside and taking lunch & dinners is romantic and joyful, but when you pass week holiday in your house, the kitchen attracts. Arranging and managing a stylish kitchen is one of the most important decisions you have to take.

In setting a proper and elegant kitchen, the space is main factor. If you have a narrow and tight space, a kitchen sometimes connected with the corners of another room. It looks a part of the other room, but however it separates from your planning & style.

If you utilize the various kitchen materials in a nice way, then problem may be solved. The material such like stainless steel shelves, wooden butcher’s block and limestone. Where as floor tiles gives a pretty look to everyone. If you want to separate the dinning with kitchen use a curved breakfast bar. The division between the two will be ideal.

After making a perfect setup and necessary arrangements you go for painting. There are different options for it and if you have a small budget, then make it economical and cost saving. For giving a warm country look to your kitchen use soft blue color. Wooden work top makes or fine combination with nearly every color units. Your choice should be of hardwood like maple or oak. Now, if you will paint the open shelves with a matching color, it will give an impression that the congested place became vast and open. Peninsula unit if installed provides an extra storage and may be fitted with a butlers sink. This type of sink makes a traditional theme.

I give you an example of Rosy and her husband who buy a new house in Lancashire. Their Kitchen and dinning were in separate rooms. Their planning was worst, because the light was less and space was congested. They called architecture and request him to plan. He was expert in his field, so he converted both the rooms in one. This practice will provide a suitable and vast space for cooking, sitting & eating.

The designer installed striking black granite and run of units that screen off the sink. The result was fruitful; the couple found the space modern, stylish & easy to do their work.

Another example is of Mrs. Gordon, who buy a house of good condition, but she became stunned when she saw her Kitchen. That was total depressive and enjoying. The layout of the kitchen was not appealing.

Her husband assured her to change the total layout. He called one of his friends who had command over drafting and construction. He made the storage space wide by tall hanging units and installed them on back wall within the reach of the Mrs. Gordon. By this practice they find a free space on the floor. For taking more illumination the side windows were enlarged slightly and then a light and sophisticated color scheme gave a tremendous effect. It seems to be that the kitchen has opened and become vast. That master mind planner fitted the work surfaces at different levels, which enhance the beauty of the place.

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Decorative Pattern And Its Rules

a) Use of patterns

When you finish your house, you color it, but remember one thing that pattern is very important decorative for any room. Now it depends upon you that use it to add interest or to comfort and console. If you want to add pattern in an easy way then start it by soft furnishing. Cover some cushions with floral print to contrast with striped sofa. After that you can work for the entire room of patterned wallpaper. Remember to limit color to one key shade, with smaller amounts of two or three basic tones for adding depth.

b) For country feel, use natural prints

If you want a country style, then make a choice for floral pattern. In main print use a wallpaper, then make an addition of smaller design and stripes. On the other side if you are feeling papering to every wall is over,

Then cover only one and print others.

c) How to use pattern

1- Select a basic color and for toning idiom color, then keeping in mind the shade, select the patterns.

2- If you want to take an inspiration for different pattern grouping, then look at magazines, hotels, shops and also your friends’ home.

3- You should not have any burden on your mind for pattern. Make a plan first, then collect samples and put them together to see how they are looking and what shape they are forming.

Meaning of colors

At that time we become very much conscious, when any visitors come to our house. We look around our house with great care, the old stair carpet, outdated curtains which you were going to replace soon.

Where we live is sometime counts. It is influenced by location and family circumstances, but the way you decorate and the setting of furniture reflects your personality. If you want to make an impression that you are sociable, paint your front door brightly. Whereas paler colors mean a less confident personality, with a more understated style.

If you have high walls fence and a brightly colored door, it reflects that you see your home as a fortress, not willing to see by all, but welcoming the selected one, like family and friends.

Inside look

When you look quickly into the hall an instant impression will form. If your doors of the room are tightly shut and not saying anything about the owner of the house, then really it will be an unfamiliar place for outsiders. Surely it has a meaning that you don’t want to disturb your private life and safe your home from dirty eyes.

The second scenario is that when your guests enter in the same hall it is well lit and huge walls decorated with paintings or family photographs. The mirrors are placed beautifully. This shows that you are happy to welcome visitors into your home life.

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Darling! An Ideal Fireplace For You

In a cold evening everybody wishes to sit beside flickering firelight. The fireplace plays the double roll, one it provides you warmness and secondly it gives a wondrous and magical look to your room. If you want to have a decent fireplace, then select suitable stoves, grates and fire which surrounds in a nice modern styles. Different sorts of fires and flames gives different effects, for example without hassle, choose a living flame gas fire-these are easy to operate by flick of a switch only.

There is no doubt about it that an elegant and nice looking fireplace is an attraction for everyone, so you should have a best choice for it. First decide at home before buying that what are you going for, a gas, wool, log or coal burning fireplace. Your choice should be perfect, so that you may get realistic flames which will make you room cozy and warm, all the winter season.

A new kind of fireplace has been introduced for those who have not sufficient space, so they should use wall-hung fire. This gas fire is kept in a glass and chrome case. It gives a stylish look.

If you are lacking of apace, then opt for slim line design that save your space. It is design in limestone. It is a better choice for small rooms. This classic fireplace has a surrounded feature, of mosaic panel.

Long fireplace gives not any trouble to you, because it can be burned quickly and give you a joyful warmness within no time. If your fireplace has not any chimney, there is no need to worry about, because the manufacturer has designed No-chimney fires. Remember only one thing that fireplace should be attractive and elegant because it becomes central figure for all of us.

When you go for buying an ideal fire place, think over it for several times about the size of room, and the date of foundation of your house. It will give you an ideal and perfect choice. Apart from buying fireplace selection of right fuel is necessary go to the local authority and ask him about the kinds of fuel you may burn-surely the coal is the best fuel for burning and producing proper heat. Of you wish to burn wool buy it from any trustful supplier. As gas is concern, it provides more heat than to the traditional fuels.

Wood burner is suitable for large living rooms, for which special stove is design to burn wood. Don’t worry any other material can be burn with a nice kit.

If your room is not lengthy, than select a compact design for burning wood. It can be use for burning multi fuels. It produces sufficient heat to warm your living.

The gas stove available in market have a choice of ceramic log-effect and coal, it may be turn on the flick of a switch.

Shining metallic look fireplace is polished and gives shining. It is made of steel and polish wood, this combination look good in a modern and traditional living.

If you have a country style living room, then ask for two inset gas fire. This fireplace is made of cast-iron. You are no need to think about the coal burning.

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Decoration All Around

Give the room a natural look

Give your home a feeling of understand simple elegance influenced by the Far East. Start with a delicate backup of washed-out colors and then build up the look with feminine furnishings, unfussy contemporary furniture and more decorative cultural style pieces will sit together in perfect style. Add luxurious textures like velvet and silk for sensual surroundings and display a few beautiful objects to finish the look. Include a single exotic flower, a nice orchid plant, or a stem of pretty greenery to give the room a natural look.

A finishing look

Turn your home into a cozy place with a luxurious quilt. It will look and feel fabulous as an extra layer of warmth on your bed, or show off your quilt by hanging it on a wall as a work of art at a window as a curtain, or drape it over a sofa to add home-spun color to the living room. Finish the look with a few co-coordinating cushions.

Remember art is life

Choosing the right art for your walls can be tricky, so if you are looking for something different then create your own by painting a blank canvas. Canvases are a great way of transforming a room; they are also very light and easy to hang.

Extra special gift

If you need an extra special gift for your loved one, have your own message printed on a fun piece of pottery for a memorable and useful present.

Glowing spice colors

Draw the curtains, light the fire and surround yourself with feel-good fabric, luxurious textures and hot spice colors that positively glow. This year, you will find shops bursting with furnishings in the intense hues of cinnamon and turmeric. Mix them with dark wood furniture the color of star anise and bask in the rich, relaxing atmosphere of the East.

Create a cocoon

Build your own place by creating the cold grey with a luxury look that is a new twist on an old decorating favorite. Layer up with luxurious fake fur throws and classic plaids and stripes in natural shades of creamy white, oatmeal and rich chocolate. Plump up sofas with large cushions that you can curl up with, and soften floors with rugs that you can pad about on barefoot. In the bedroom, create a cocoon with layers of textured throws and irresistible bed linen that will make it a place you will long to sleep in.

Silk blooms

Forget the tacky image of fake plastic flowers; the latest silk blooms are stunning. Available in pretty bouquets or single stems, even passionate gardeners may not notice they are not the real thing. Combine with fresh seasonal foliage to make an even more spectacular display.

Always purchase new crockery

Update your tableware this season with richly colored dinner service ideal for seasonal soups, and hot drinks.

Take fluffy towels

When soaking in a relaxing bath on a chilly winter evening keep plenty of these luxurious Egyptian cotton close at hand.

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Church Wedding Decoration Tips and Ideas

If you are willing to celebrate your wedding ceremony, then you should decorate with a new style and creativity. As you look attractive and charming, the church should also be delightful. Decorating a church is not expensive and didn’t give and extra load to your pocket.

Ideas and tips

The lighting scheme, whether it should be sparkling or dim and lower, depends on your own choice.

1. Your friend and well wishers will advice you, so take photographs of the different corners and objects. It will help to design the idea and size of the confined space.

2.         You may take help from net and have a fantastic idea that you have not come across before.

3. Before decorating a church take advice with the administrator of the church, because there may be any restrictions and you are unaware of it. Keep in mind that some churches have limitations.

4. Focus on your color scheme that plays an important role in your wedding ceremony.

5. Surely flowers enhance the beauty of the place where you keep them, however they are expensive and make a load on your budget. Purchase the flowers for the purpose and place them on important places like entrance. The potted plant may be used to produce the greenery and make the place cool & comfort.

6. Put down an aisle runner, if the church already have in its’ store.

7. If you have a plan to celebrate your wedding at night, then decorate some candles and put them on altar area.

8. There should be a heart touching fragrance on wedding occasion, so take a scent and spray it all around.

9. Decorate the church according to seasons; take bows & ribbons in Christmas colors.

Money-saving tips and ideas

1. It is not necessary to consume heavy money on decoration of the church. Follow those ideas which are economical and save money.

2. If your heart is demanding for flower arrangements, then to minimize the budget take more greenery and set it in fantastic manner.

3. Make a plan to marry on Christmas holidays, the church will be decorated already. That will minimize your expenditure.

4. When your guests will come to attend the ceremony their eyes will stick on the altar, so decorate that area in particular. Decorating just the altar will cut down your budget.

For decorating a church follow these suggestions:

1. Before booking, have a meeting with the administrator and ask him about the restrictions.

2. Some  church administrator don’t allow for candles & petals, then change your choice and enjoy with  Hydrangea flowers that will reduce the cost of your budget and lessen the amount of your expenditure. You know very well, that candle enhances the beauty and indicates your creativity. So manage for scented candles, if possible, that will change the suffocated atmosphere. It will be a valuable advice for you that use inexpensive hurricane vases to highlight the candles.

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A New Cottage With A Style

When Mary and Donald bought a new cottage in Waterloo, they think over it that the cottage’s draftsman didn’t make the proper use of the specified space. After installing central heating system, they planned to build two smaller rooms into one to make a huge living room and also build a new staircase that joints the dining room with the bedrooms. Then they bought the white paint from the hard wear store and paint the walls. From their point of view the white looks clean and give a fresh look.

Marry knew that shopping is her hobby. She has bought so many items from USA and Japan or from the market of Morocco. She has collected valuable things like Mulberry fabrics, silk cushions, wooden candlesticks and other accessories which are used in home. Her thinking is neat and fair. She don’t like too smart and costly, in her opinion arrangement of the home should be developed with a style close to the nature.

Mary’s father was a good hobbyist and Mary inherited it from him. Now, the couple has a lot of junk to arrange it, like junk-shop antiques. There are innumerable thing which personally belongs to them scattering everywhere, such as display of military hats hanging on the top of a cabinet. A variety of antique golf clubs placed in a corner of the dining room which reflects the love of game of the couple.

When all these accumulated treasures threatened to take over the house, the couple decided to build the extension that now houses a sunny garden room and a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom. This meant sacrificing part of the lawn. ‘I wasn’t really convinced that adding a new extension to an old house was the right thing to do,’ says Jill. ‘But we seemed to be bursting at the seams and just couldn’t bear to move,’

A twisting stone staircase with a rope handrail leads up to the open-plan master bed room, but the couple decided to install a second staircase as well. ‘The original stairs were a bit of a problem,’ explains Richard. ‘Soon after we moved in, I was called out to an emergency in the middle of the night and dived for the stairs while I was still half asleep. My foot made contact with the first step, then I felt down the rest, bruising my legs quite badly. I arrived at the patient’s in a worse condition than him!”

What Jill and Richard particularly love about the cottage is the way that the different rooms come into their own as the seasons change. In the winter, they spend their spare time in the cosy living room with its Indian rugs and rich colors. ‘Because it was originally two rooms, there are two fireplaces. We’ve got a wood-burning stove at one end and an open fire at the other, so it’s always really warm.’ says Jill. ‘The textured fabrics are intended to help us cope with those grey English winters!

The vast dining room with its double-height ceiling and exposed stone walls is perfect for entertaining – especially at Christmas. ‘Richard’s a great cook, so we had a huge elmtable custom-build to accommodate large gatherings,’ says Jill. ‘My daughter, Katy, often visits, as does Richard’s son, Jonathan. What with assorted nieces and nephews, the house always seems to be full of people.’

In the summer, they love to relax in the garden room. ‘The French windows open straight onto the garden, which is Richard’s department,’ says Jill. ‘I can sit there and admire his handiwork.’

Jill and Richard have spent the last 15 years making the cottage into a unique home. ‘We love it there,’ says Jill. ‘The only problem is that I’ve had to curb my shopping habit, as we can’t really fit much more into the room.

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