Drying Flowers

Drying flowers are very popular and looks beautiful in home decoration. These flowers stay for long time and use in different decorations. There are several methods of drying flowers. I will discuss some of them for you. Pressing This method is very popular and more commonly used.  For drying flowers, the things you need are [...]

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Decoration With Hanging Lanterns

You cannot deny from the importance of the lantern in creating romantic atmosphere. Lanterns make your party more enjoyable and beautiful. They can be hung over the branches of the trees in the outdoor parties and also look great with candle decoration. You can turn any globe into these hanging lanterns and they are very [...]

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Leaf Mat

Home decoration is an art and you can make your home beautiful only with your creativity within a very low budget. Today I am going to share with you a very simple idea, which is for everyone. No any technicalities are required, because we are going to make a simple but really beautiful leaf mat. [...]

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How To Create Wax Bowl At Home

Different project of art and craft will able you to make different things forhome decoration. People having art and craft skills can make their home a beautiful place. Things are becoming easier and simple with internet. Today I am going to share, how to make a beautiful wax bowl. The things you need are paraffin [...]

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How To Decor Tables With Homemade Tablecloths

For any party, tablecloth is the basic need and this is very easy to make ithome by your own skills and craft experience. It is quite easy and simple, there is no need to worry because everyone can make it very easily. The things you need are plain cotton cloth for the table, fabric paints, [...]

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