After a Long Winter

Its spring and everything is getting cleaned and aired out after a long winter with the house closed up. There is still snow on the roof melting somewhat slow this year since they had so much build up throughout the winter.
In one of the spare bedrooms you notice water spots on the wood floor, not too many but the question is, Where did they come from? It only took you to look up to find the culprit, a roof leak. Time to get in the attic and see what’s going on and hope the roof does not need to be replaced. After a careful examination you have found there was a small leak which was dripping onto the insulation and eventually the water made it to the ceiling and dripped through and on the floor. Now is the time to check the rest of the roof and get to the lumber store where you will find all the needed materials to fix the shingles and the leak. While your there you may want to check out the insulation and put a bit more up in the attic since your already there. It seems there can never be enough insulation.

One item you want to pick up is a foaming material that will fill in holesaround pipes and cracked opening in the structure to keep the vermin out. In the north you may want to consider shingles that expand and contract more than most due to winter and sometimes extreme summers. You also want to check the cost on insurance depending upon the life span of the shingles. Of course the longer the life of the shingles the lesser cost of insurance. Check with a local roofing company to compare the cost for
roofing shingles for Michigan. It is best to purchase what comes recommended.

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