Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting

For safety and beautification of your house from outside, you have to look around it carefully. Keep in mind those points where lighting will be proper, manageable and look excellent. Your focusing should be on entrance, stairs and surroundings. The places which should be highlighted are swimming pool, lawn and trees. Before starting this work collect information about all kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures. Following are some useful information on this topic.

Decorative lighting (Low Voltage):

Outdoor lighting (Low Voltage)

You are no need to render the services of an electrician, if you intended to decorate your home from outside, because low voltage fancy lights are coming in reasonable prices and very easy to fix and install. These tiny decorative lights are available in kits with a transformer to step-down the home supply voltage up to 12 volts. After arranging the lighting beautifully, plug-in the cord’s terminal in any socket you will find an attractive luminous result. You will admire its beauty as these tiny bulbs will glow automatically on and off position. The lights illuminate the walkways, consuming minimum voltage.

Underwater Outdoor Lighting

Underwater lights: These lights are design to illuminate the underwater bed of the swimming pools, ponds and fountains. Also they are used to illuminate the boating docks. These lights are made water-proof, so that they may be used without any worry under-water.

Light for security purposes: If you are willing for tight security aroundSecurity Camera your home, then use these lights for shadowy areas, where culprits could hide themselves. These lights are specially design for illumination of dark spots around your home. These lights work through solar battery system of advanced technology, so that they may be charged in sun-light and may be used in nights. Hence there is not any chance of expiry.

Special lights: These are used to give special effects on special occasions these are use to decorate and illuminate the lawns and gateway. They are available in simple shape and could be hanged easily. It comes in different types, styles, shapes and colors.

Accent lights: These are design to give special effects and attraction.Accent lightsAccent lights may be used on gateway, trees and plants. Install them with creativity, so that they could give special attractive effects.

Spot lights: To avoid the nasty circumstances, such like burglary and theft, people like to install spot lights on dark exterior corners of their home. The spot lights enlighten every spot and street powerfully. These are suitable for security purposes, but keep in mind these are power consuming and are available on high prices.

Energy savers: Energy savors of high voltage are used to illuminate the exterior portions of your home. Savor save the consumption of energy and save the money as well. Thus giving not any burden on your pocket and didn’t disturb your home budget.

Florescent lights: For exterior decoration and less power consumption, florescent lights may be used. They come in romantic and cool colors, so they use on large scales. Its illumination is cool and comfort, so everybody like it. Geometrical and graphical designs could be made by using long and short size of florescent tubes. They are economical and could be purchased easily from electrical accessory shops.

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  1. Jeck Robinson says:

    Nice post here i am disclosing some advantages of low voltage garden lights :-

    1.) low voltage garden lights use a lot less energy.

    2.) You can even install the lights yourself by using low voltage garden lighting kits.

    3.) low voltage Garden Lighting do not burn as hot as traditional bulbs.

  2. rajeev verma says:

    I tried your ideas in my house.I can say that all of them works.Thanks.

  3. Emily says:

    That’s a mold-berkaer. Great thinking!

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