Eye Catching Home Decoration

Eye Catching Home Decoration

The era of living in caves or on the branches has gone away, now the civilization has stepped forward and people are living in separate houses, buildings and apartments. Human being is gifted the brain and wisdom from nature, so he could think and make his decisions. As the time passed his vision and view became vast, so he created and invented wondrous things. In the same way he decorated that proper place where he lives and beautiful it with various accessories. Here are the tips with which you could decorate your living room and dining room.

Dining room with new style

Dining room with new styleDining room is a place where the family members, friends and relative sit and eat nutritional food and enjoy it, because good food is necessary for good health. Ultimately this place should be managed and decorated well, so that everyone feels it comfortable and cool. Moreover everything should be appealing. Its view should be so pleasant that everybody have willing to sit there.

Sometimes the dining room is attached with the living room whereas others may be seen busy making food stuff. The people who live classy decoration and make the things dramatic and superlative they use beautiful decorative accessories. In modern type of dining room the use of chrome and glass is preferable. To add beauty and delicacy room dividers like glass, hangings and waterfall could be use. A new and stylish furniture should be use to furnish the place. Keep in mind that furniture should not be much more for a congested and small place. It should be arranged in this way that you may move easily and comfortably. The main object in a dining room is the dining table, which could be focus by ceiling lights down.

A traditional dining room

traditional dining roomA traditional dining room is most suitable for those who arrange parties frequently. For this type of decoration the main thing is the dining table which should be bigger in comparison to the common tables set it in this way that there should be enough space for your movement. For traditional decoration select only one color like yellow or cream. This type is most suitable for formal gatherings. According to this purpose make it elegant and attractive, so that it may match with royal standards.

Dining room with romantic style

Dining room with romantic styleThis type of dining room serves the purposes of a newly wed couple or suits to the families who like to join their family members rarely. Candle stands may put in the corners, for giving a romantic and extraordinary look. For creating dynamic impression, paint the walls red with white here, giving decorative and stylish patterns on the ceiling. Living room decoration, with primitive style choice sober color like antique white or stone gray for the walls of your living room, you may try for a dark color, but cover it lightly with a coat of whitewash, so that it may show through for a primitive living room bamboo flooring, hardwood floors, pebble tile, and bricks may be used for a natural look. Purchase the accessories like a line of river rock and pillar candles in iron holder; they will give a primitive look.

Put your family photographs on the wall with bamboo frames, along with bamboo mats and rag rugs floor, for decorating the cabinet tops and various surfaces use shells, dried flowers, tree stump, branches and other natural elements may be used. Decorate the interior and outer home walls with architectural elements. Window frames and wooden door frames with polish looks remarkable, French doors allow enormous light to come in. Fill the herb, like juicy plants of cactus in the window boxes.

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