Role Of Curtains In Home Decor

Role Of Curtains In Home Decor

After construction of an elegant home you color it and then decorate it. The curtain plays a vital roll in home decoration. The curtains are a crucial necessary. A lot of people overlook this fashion accessory due to their simplicity. Remember homes without decoration appear to be boring and dull. The inside of the home should be arranged in such a way that every corner and the things which are set in background and foreground give freshness to the viewer’s eye. The style of curtains changes frequently. There are variations in it. Hold back with classically metal facet fittings that get mounted to a wall have a big liking from all corners of life.  They consist of: Tie backs, chains and bunched ropes with tassels. These accessories make a distinction and add an amazing attraction in the room background. As you know the tiebacks are used for controlling the curtains. When you required more light and air in   bedroom or living room the tieback can grip the curtains and put them aside purposely. The tieback tassels gives an additional beauty to the curtains and make the style more graceful.

You are no need to worry about the colors and designs; they are available in all sorts of color and designs. Surely they enhance the gracefulness, but let you feel of lavishness. The tieback tassels are available in multiple colors and make a combination with all the curtain set. Making an inquiry about the trend is not necessary; take golden and maroon, cream, white, black or silver. They are also embroidered with stones and beads. If you want to make your curtain more stylish and eye catching take glass beaded tiebacks tassels. The wooden tiebacks are coming in the historical gold finishes and antique bronze. They give a wonderful look to your room. The craftsman is crafting wooden tiebacks for giving a trendy look. Diamond heart, wooden circle, oval shape and flower shaped tieback holds the curtain very nicely.

Accessories for curtain decoration

Accessories for curtain decorationThe tiebacks which are made of rope have thick cords with looped ends are in market. They are in various size, colors and diameter. The creators have created new and unique styles of tiebacks, so they are available with the clear diamonds, sea shells and also in silk flowers. As a result the modern and traditional curtain accessories make them stylish and dignified.

Curtain with fabric paint

Curtain with fabric paintThe interior decorator gives a marvelous setting to your home, by arranging and adjusting the daily use items and furniture. However it is a fact that a few people take the services of a home decorator. Mostly can’t afford this lavishness, but for surviving in the society they want a good looking home, do they do it themselves within their resources. Friends, now I am telling you to make your simple looking curtains amazing by using fabric paints. You hear about them? It is the best way to enhance the colors in your home. Very new and fresh curtains are not necessary for the purpose, but the olden may be used as well. Take curtain images or patterns, masking tapes, different kinds of paint brushes in different sizes, fabric paints and craft knife.

Select a charming pattern for painting. Keep in mind that you can’t change your choice rapidly, because once you applied the color, it will become dry and you can’t do anything. For making various designs take the help of stencil and other stylish patterns. To make the curtain dust and wrinkle free iron it carefully. Then paint it sensibly with the help of patterns and colors. Your color scheme should be matching with your walls. Coloring for one time is not enough, apply one coat then wait to dry for the second coat. Finally hang it where you wish. An inexpensive, but interesting curtain is ready to decorate your room.

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