Julia and Roger always wanted a home they could decorate in their style. They found a house in Hampshire, 7 years ago, which they think that will be an ideal for living for them.

The former owner had converted the big house from a series of bedsits back to a family house having 4 bedrooms very much suitable for a small family.

The couple was delighted to see the proportions of the hall, the huge central bedroom and the illumination which filled each and every room. Furthermore there was a studio on the third floor, where Julia may do her potential work. She was a freelance knitwear designer.

They saw the house and didn’t ready to say that it is perfect, because artex has been used all around. All the window frames and doors were colored in dark brown varnish & raspberry pink. An ugly designed carpet in the hallway merged with pink floral lino in the kitchen. The roof was demanding to be replaced. The cellar was flooded and near about all of the original features and fireplace had entirely changed and their originality has disappeared.

Roger and Julia decided to do the renovation & decoration work themselves.

Julia told that when we moved in we had very little spending money left in our pocket. My love of making things and sewing came from my mum, but fortunately my dad taught me a lot about decorating and how to hang wallpaper. Roger was not interested to do anything remarkable, except plumbing or electrification of the house.

The couple planned to decorate each room with a nice planning, like removing the Artex, rolling the carpets, rubbing the floorboards with sandpaper, cleaning off woodchip and varnish.

Julia admits she is impatient and likes to do things rapidly, while Roger is cool minded and does the work with a planning.

Julia said “I tend to start things and John ends up finishing them off”.

Roger managed to dislodged a pane of glass and drop it into the front garden below. The kitchen and dining area were a big challenge for them. Olden brown units and hob, grey work surfaces and floral tiles combined to make a dark and uneasy space. As Julia was thinking to make livable in the short period,

She cleaned the units and tiles with spirits,   and then painted them with white emulsion, after that she gave a coat of satinwood. Julia had to mix two shades of blue paint together to get the deep color she wanted on the units.

They decided to keep the dining room dark, while the living room as sunny.

They apply a coat of emulsion with a glaze.

Julia said “It is a dark room anyway and we intended to use it for amusement in the autumn and winter, so we thought about a deep or color it with a comfort & cooling effect color. The walls complement warm oak flooring. We have got over a lot of hurdles to make a home we are proud of. It was definitely worth it.” said Julia.

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