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Richard Deming her wife Martha bought an old bungalow in the suburb of Sydney. This part of the city was well populated and organized. People were cultured and know the current life style.

When they bought the house the property was not attractive and enable to live, because the interior of the house was dark and every thing seems to be narrow and suffocating, the bungalow was consist of four beds rooms, but the rest of the living area like living room, kitchen & bathroom were in such a manner that some one has shrunk them.

The couple knows very well, that if they wish to live in this bungalow with their three children, they have to make enough changes in it. They engaged an architect and tell him about their ambitions. Martha was willing that the house become airy, comfortable and enlighten.

When they concerned to the authorities they make a restriction that the bungalow should match with the other bungalows, their doors & windows could not be limited. Deming struck with this restriction, because he has a master plan and dreamed for wide room. Further more the authorities didn’t permitted them for two story properties. In this respect the height of the house raised a little bit to made a space for mezzanine floor. The bungalow work added an extra space of one thousand square feet to the back area of the property, producing a suitable space on the ground floor for two bath rooms, a dining room, a utility room & a wine caller.

The additional thing was a large but curved glass wall, which was going to allow the light to come in properly. Martha said that they also built panels into the mezzanine floor to give a chance the sum to come in the house.

Martha said that mezzanine was just like a hidden floor, but was providing a nice accommodation to the children the guests. It became an extra place for taking rest. We separated the sitting area to get privacy, but it remains attached with the house. We were sure the guests will not feel separate themselves.

The couple has a modern approach, so they decided to take shaker style design for kitchen, because it provided a feeling that the room is opened. Martha said that we choose cobalt blue tiles for mounting them behind the sink and around the windows.

The couple gives their vote in favor of warm yellow, strong reds and pretty blues. Deming told us that at first we painted everything white, and then we added warmer colors.

Martha said that we appreciated ourselves for this sensible selection. Here people come to make a conversation and like to sit at ease. We also enjoy here, but in summer we prefer to sit on deck. We are happy that our dreams have come true for a family house.

How To Decorate A Child's Room With A Theme

When you are going to decorate a child’s room keep in mind, whether the room is of a girl or a boy. The second thing should be the theme & color scheme, consider both of them.
How to start:
Make an observation of the child’s room. What kind of books he likes, which magazines appeal him? Arrange his bookshelf with that material which he loves more. If you have not anything special in mind, then take help from internet.
Remember that you are going to decorate a child’s room, it will be better to become a child yourself. Think from his mind. See deeply what colors he likes, which movies he likes to see, Harry Potter, Superman or Spiderman. In which sport he takes interest.
When you will learn all these things, you may be able to decorate his room favorably. You will be at ease to select the wall papers, borders and fabrics for him. It will be nice if you select a particular color print for him, it will cover the whole room, the walls, floor and ceiling. Then make a selection of accessories according to the print.
There should be a focal point for the bedroom. You may choose the bed as focal point; it may be the bookshelf, painted wall, or the play area. The focal point will give strength to your theme.
Observe deeply what your child loves, then select accordingly. For example your child loves football, and then sticks a small football on the wall behind the bed. You may hang the pictures of famous players of football on the walls.
Give special attention to the bed sheet, the color of the sheet will improve the color scheme & the theme. Blue chambray will be most suitable for this purpose. If the room belongs to a girl, then choose amazing & attractive flower prints.
Keep in mind for a suitable place to project the artwork and collections of the child. It may be the wall or the shelf.
A child needs a desk for computer & school work. Accommodate not only the desk, but toys, books and cloths. All of these things enhance the beautification, if placed properly. Doors, cabinets and drawers may become the part of the theme, if interesting hardware is mounted on them.
If you will repeat the colors, print and fabric for three times all around the room it will a good coordination and tie together everything.
Safety precautions:
The basic consideration for a child’s room should be safety precautions. The usable things shouldn’t be pointed. The electrical wires shouldn’t come in the way. The storage should be within the reach of the child. He may not feel any difficulty to reach the storage.
The golden framing gives an attraction and appeal to every one. Take some economical frames and put your child’s own artwork in these frames. The alternate is to cut colorful & artistic pictures from books or magazines and put them in frames.

Rugs do nothing but make the room warm and cozy. If there is not any run on the floor you will see the naked floor and furniture of the living room, which looks odd. Rugs add the beauty to the room and make it elegant. It gives an extra color to the room with an essence. If there is a rug in the room you are no need to worry, because now your room has a color and style, instead of dark floor.

There are the tips and ideas by which you may decorate your living room with the help of a rug.

If you are going to buy a rug first you have to see the size of the rug. Decide yourself that you want the accurate size of rug or large to some extent. If you have a creative mind then it depends upon your own choice.

Some people don’t like to spread the rug in the whole room, they place it in pieces under the coffee table or central table of living room. Some times they place it under the couch.

If you are willing to do the same practice, then your table legs should fit on the rug not on the ends. It should have so much length that the legs of table should rest on it. In this way it will look good. One thing more that if your center tables’ top is of glass, then the colors and design patterns of the rug may be seen from the top. Usually the sizes of rugs used in the living room are 4×6 & 6×9 feet. If you have a big size living room which has lager in length & breadth then it will be better to have more than one piece of rug on the floor.

Like every house you have a fireplace in the front, so you will decorate that piece of room also, place a smaller piece there. Living room is the place where your honorable guests come and meet with you, so it should be decorated well; use here similar color pieces and style to promote the unity. You are not bound to use the simple color or pattern less rug. Select bold colors and stylish rugs, if you wish. Rugs of unique patterns are available in market. From the point of decoration, geometric patterns may be the best. Remember, Navajo rugs for rustic or Southwestern styles are ideal for themed rooms of your house.

Be careful when buying rugs for you home, because the rugs are made of natural and synthetic fibers. Nylon is also a common material for rugs.

Natural fibers are not economical, so they may cost more. But according to the quality they will last for a long time. You know what is natural fiber? They are form of wool, cotton and other human friend materials. Wool rug are soft, durable & reliable. They are easy to use, because they are low maintenance. If you have any confusion in selecting the perfect rug, then take help from internet and magazines.


It is not difficult to arrange a holiday party, only you have to keep in mind the theme and color of the scheme. Make plan according to theme and find decorations. For decoration you are no need to worry about, go to Santa, Snowmen or to Music and Angels. Everybody know very well that red, green, white, silver & gold are traditional holidays colors, choose any one of them. You may use several color combination. Combination is an art, if you are creative minded, then it is not a problem for you to make a combination.
Now create an invitation that the viewer admire it and remember it for a long time. Take a paper and cut in any pattern, write the information about the party on its back and for hanging add a tie.
If you are going to decorate the door, take wrapping paper and wrap it round the door. The side walk should not seem to be look simple and undecorated, arrange it by tiny lights on the two sides of the walk. The Christmas music should play when the guest enter in the hall.
If you want to give a holiday in your house, tie bows on candles, doorknobs, television top, right & left of the mirror, in all of the rooms. Keep teddy bears on the back of the chairs.
There should be a centerpiece on the table, place a cluster of various candles on the coffee table, piano or desk. The appearance the should look festive, you may use glitter on every surface, such as shades, buffet, and dinning table, etc.
Like all houses there will be a fireplace in your house, fill it with logs and keep blazing it up to the end of party. Take the services of any friend to take care of it.
If you are serving your guests at your house, then decorate the table with those elements which you have chosen as theme for you party. Add beauty by decorating the buffet table. Place colored candle apples around a roast, rosemary on white potatoes and white pearl onions mixed with green peas.
Present a small gift to everyone of the guest at their table. A tree ornament may be use as a place card. Cut-out cookies may be decorated with the name of your guests.
If your guests are seated around the table, use tablecloth or mats to improve your color scheme.
Arrange holiday decoration in those rooms where you guests will enter. The cloak room where the guest will hang their coats may be decorated with a garland on the door. A glowing candle may be placed in the powder room.
Everything will look romantic in the party if you will turn out all the lights around the house except one which is on the Christmas tree.



No doubt wedding is an everlasting occasion, not for bride & groom, but for the invitees who attend the ceremony as well. The event is remembered by each and everyone. Usually the bride & groom sit in a decorated car and drive away when the ceremony comes to an end. Everything is memorable and so the car. Decoration of a car is an artistic and creative fun. Many of the grooms who are creative minded, buy a kit and decorate the car themselves, while the others take the cars to any company and pay the charges.


I know you want big and impressive steamers which may fly through the romantic air, when the car runs on the slippery roads. Surely this will be an exciting and heart touching event. If you follow my advice take silk ribbon like sheer organza or tulle which can acquire your demand. You will feel that your dream comes true. Adding a banner of “Just married” on the car is also becoming a tradition, so take a silk banner imprinted with the above mentioned words. It is like an announcement from you side that you are going to start a new life from the other day.

Banner is not necessary; this phrase may be painted on the car. Now give a final touch to your car and add a fancy and little miniature of bride & groom to a bed of silk and tie it around the grill of the car. What a fantastic idea it is!

Silk wreaths and flowers:

Don’t worry about the season; it is fall,   winter or raining. Due to the material of the flowers, the abrupt season can’t give harm to the silk flowers, because they are waterproof. Keep in mind that water would not wash away the banner or the painted words.

Silk flower bouquet:

Another fantastic idea for car decoration is silk flower bouquet, which match with the wedding colors. It is wise to make matching small bouquets and mount them on the handles of the car. If the car has an antenna, then tie the bouquets to it. If you are thinking about the bold & bright silk flowers, then put aside this idea, because bold silk flowers are very much suitable for summer or spring weddings. You may keep it for a white car. “Just married” should be added with matching colors as a final touch.


When you are decorating a car with silk or any other material, you see inside the car also. The interior of the car is as important as of exterior. Don’t take it lightly if the bride & groom are covering a little distance or up to the corner of the block, add some silk inside the car to make it charming and delightful.

Take some silk sheets or silk robes and wrap them around the seats. Spread red silk rose petals on the backseat all around. Give a final touch and arrange little silk pillows with a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne. Hurrah! Enjoy the life with your wife.


Maybe it is unbelievable for you, but it is a fact that the accessories give a wondrous effect to the bathroom. It changes the atmosphere of the bathroom and magically adds beauty to it. It is not necessary to change the shape of bathroom; it requires only a little bit attention to give a special effect. Certainly you will ask what to do? Nothing, but select the matching accessories to decorate once more to your bathroom. You will surprise to know that even trash can, tissue box, towels, paintings, soap holder, curtain and bath mats gives a magical effect to viewers, if selected carefully. It has a good combination with bath tub, sink, toilet, shower and the design of the bathroom. Mainly it depends upon the taste of a particular person.

You have nothing to worry about, because bathroom accessories are always in trend. If you have traditional design and you want to have a colorful feeling then select floral patterns. Nowadays they are enormously in use. If you have a unique thinking, then select patterns like the palm trees or shells. They give a great effect. Usually the accessories for the traditional bathroom are simple and are light in colors to give a soft effect.

The manufacturers are doing experiment in the designing of modern bathroom accessories which are made very neatly, making them bold or simple. They are using colors like white, tan, black and gray, mixing them in interesting way.

Nowadays manufacturer are using steel as fashion material and also using it in bathroom accessories. Not only steel, but nickel, copper and pewter has been used in accessories. The sparkling material is catching the people’s eyes.

In morning hours the bathroom becomes a horrible place, everybody become miserable. To avoid these circumstances manufacturers have produced various accessories which solves the problem.

Mostly the family members face problems when they fail to find their things. It will be better for them to buy bathroom shelves, one for each member of the family. This item saves your time, because everybody finds his or her toilet use thing in the shelf. These shelves rendering other service, if there are children in your home, and then medicines, costly cosmetics and personal items may be kept away from the reach of children. The shelves may be locked for safety.

When you go to a hardware shop, you feel difficulty in selecting a shower. There are different factors which produce problems for you, for example, design & color of the shower, its price and importance as well.

When buying a shower consider the size of your bathroom and the point, where you are going to install it, so that the rain like water fall on your body in a romantic way. These showers may be designed according to your requirements.

After fast and furious life, now you want to have a calm and quiet life, you want to settle in your apartment, but feeling problems to decorate it. Even you have no idea what to do? We are going to help you. Here are the top class ideas for you to go into the market for buying furniture for the first time.

1- An everlasting bed:

After coming from your daily routine duty, you wish to lie on a comfortable bed and take rest. If you are adjusting yourself in a flat, so you will go to furniture market for a bed. Naturally you think that a costly and expensive bed will be better, Put aside this childish thinking. The bed should be according to size of the room, because you have to spend a lot of time on this bed. The bed should be durable and nice looking. If you are in mood to invest heavy amount on the bed, then opt for an air bed.

2- Table for dining:

Your choice should be according to size of the dining room. The table should not be larger or smaller. The tables are available in various shapes, like round, rectangular and square. To beautify the top, the manufacturer installs leaves and flowers on it. If you are willing more seats for your guests, opt for a rectangular one. The top of the table may be decorated by a fancy & flowery tablecloth.

3- Comfortable dinner on decorative chairs:

The chairs of the dining room should be colorful & impressive. They should be comfortable for a long sitting. If you are willing to take inexpensive chairs, then opt for wooden chairs, whereas upholstered chairs gives you more comfort. If you want extra seating take arm chairs. They are luxurious and meet the demand.

4- Sofa for comfort:

Like bed, sofa is another item which gives you comfort. Opt for tight-back sofas, because they require less maintenance. Sofas are available in various shapes and styles. Their fabrics also differentiate them. However you will choice the sofas according to your budget.

5- The use of chest of drawers:

The chest of drawers has much usage for example, in bathroom it is used for supplies & linens, when used in bedroom we keep our clothes in it. In living room we install it for games, books or office files. In hallway it used differently. We keep our glove, hats & scarves in it. So select such a drawer that serves the purpose of all.

6- Side and nesting tables:

Side table serves a lot of purposes, like keeping our magazines, books, glasses, eating on it. The side tables may be used to keep coffee on it. They may keep on the side of the bed. The nesting table may be used to save space and spread when needed. If you want to produce a fancy affect choice a metal or glass-topped table.

7- Footstool:

The upholstered footstool may be small or large. They serve as a footrest but can also be used as a coffee table. Purchase a pair and use them together. You may buy one and place a large tray on top. If you want to put your feet on a stool, choose an inflexible fabric for the cover.

8- Lamps & fixtures:

Usually in old homes the overhead lights found harsh and harmful for eyes. For overcoming this problem install dimmers on wall switches. The other way is to install table lamps near seating. The wall-mounted lamps beside beds produce a fantastic effect. For more light choice lamp shades covered with fabric. Install savor or mercury bulbs for overhead installation.

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