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When Mary and Donald bought a new cottage in Waterloo, they think over it that the cottage’s draftsman didn’t make the proper use of the specified space. After installing central heating system, they planned to build two smaller rooms into one to make a huge living room and also build a new staircase that joints the dining room with the bedrooms. Then they bought the white paint from the hard wear store and paint the walls. From their point of view the white looks clean and give a fresh look.

Marry knew that shopping is her hobby. She has bought so many items from USA and Japan or from the market of Morocco. She has collected valuable things like Mulberry fabrics, silk cushions, wooden candlesticks and other accessories which are used in home. Her thinking is neat and fair. She don’t like too smart and costly, in her opinion arrangement of the home should be developed with a style close to the nature.

Mary’s father was a good hobbyist and Mary inherited it from him. Now, the couple has a lot of junk to arrange it, like junk-shop antiques. There are innumerable thing which personally belongs to them scattering everywhere, such as display of military hats hanging on the top of a cabinet. A variety of antique golf clubs placed in a corner of the dining room which reflects the love of game of the couple.

When all these accumulated treasures threatened to take over the house, the couple decided to build the extension that now houses a sunny garden room and a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom. This meant sacrificing part of the lawn. ‘I wasn’t really convinced that adding a new extension to an old house was the right thing to do,’ says Jill. ‘But we seemed to be bursting at the seams and just couldn’t bear to move,’

A twisting stone staircase with a rope handrail leads up to the open-plan master bed room, but the couple decided to install a second staircase as well. ‘The original stairs were a bit of a problem,’ explains Richard. ‘Soon after we moved in, I was called out to an emergency in the middle of the night and dived for the stairs while I was still half asleep. My foot made contact with the first step, then I felt down the rest, bruising my legs quite badly. I arrived at the patient’s in a worse condition than him!”

What Jill and Richard particularly love about the cottage is the way that the different rooms come into their own as the seasons change. In the winter, they spend their spare time in the cosy living room with its Indian rugs and rich colors. ‘Because it was originally two rooms, there are two fireplaces. We’ve got a wood-burning stove at one end and an open fire at the other, so it’s always really warm.’ says Jill. ‘The textured fabrics are intended to help us cope with those grey English winters!

The vast dining room with its double-height ceiling and exposed stone walls is perfect for entertaining – especially at Christmas. ‘Richard’s a great cook, so we had a huge elmtable custom-build to accommodate large gatherings,’ says Jill. ‘My daughter, Katy, often visits, as does Richard’s son, Jonathan. What with assorted nieces and nephews, the house always seems to be full of people.’

In the summer, they love to relax in the garden room. ‘The French windows open straight onto the garden, which is Richard’s department,’ says Jill. ‘I can sit there and admire his handiwork.’

Jill and Richard have spent the last 15 years making the cottage into a unique home. ‘We love it there,’ says Jill. ‘The only problem is that I’ve had to curb my shopping habit, as we can’t really fit much more into the room.

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