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a) Use of patterns

When you finish your house, you color it, but remember one thing that pattern is very important decorative for any room. Now it depends upon you that use it to add interest or to comfort and console. If you want to add pattern in an easy way then start it by soft furnishing. Cover some cushions with floral print to contrast with striped sofa. After that you can work for the entire room of patterned wallpaper. Remember to limit color to one key shade, with smaller amounts of two or three basic tones for adding depth.

b) For country feel, use natural prints

If you want a country style, then make a choice for floral pattern. In main print use a wallpaper, then make an addition of smaller design and stripes. On the other side if you are feeling papering to every wall is over,

Then cover only one and print others.

c) How to use pattern

1- Select a basic color and for toning idiom color, then keeping in mind the shade, select the patterns.

2- If you want to take an inspiration for different pattern grouping, then look at magazines, hotels, shops and also your friends’ home.

3- You should not have any burden on your mind for pattern. Make a plan first, then collect samples and put them together to see how they are looking and what shape they are forming.

Meaning of colors

At that time we become very much conscious, when any visitors come to our house. We look around our house with great care, the old stair carpet, outdated curtains which you were going to replace soon.

Where we live is sometime counts. It is influenced by location and family circumstances, but the way you decorate and the setting of furniture reflects your personality. If you want to make an impression that you are sociable, paint your front door brightly. Whereas paler colors mean a less confident personality, with a more understated style.

If you have high walls fence and a brightly colored door, it reflects that you see your home as a fortress, not willing to see by all, but welcoming the selected one, like family and friends.

Inside look

When you look quickly into the hall an instant impression will form. If your doors of the room are tightly shut and not saying anything about the owner of the house, then really it will be an unfamiliar place for outsiders. Surely it has a meaning that you don’t want to disturb your private life and safe your home from dirty eyes.

The second scenario is that when your guests enter in the same hall it is well lit and huge walls decorated with paintings or family photographs. The mirrors are placed beautifully. This shows that you are happy to welcome visitors into your home life.

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