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How To Decorate A Child's Room With A Theme

When you are going to decorate a child’s room keep in mind, whether the room is of a girl or a boy. The second thing should be the theme & color scheme, consider both of them.
How to start:
Make an observation of the child’s room. What kind of books he likes, which magazines appeal him? Arrange his bookshelf with that material which he loves more. If you have not anything special in mind, then take help from internet.
Remember that you are going to decorate a child’s room, it will be better to become a child yourself. Think from his mind. See deeply what colors he likes, which movies he likes to see, Harry Potter, Superman or Spiderman. In which sport he takes interest.
When you will learn all these things, you may be able to decorate his room favorably. You will be at ease to select the wall papers, borders and fabrics for him. It will be nice if you select a particular color print for him, it will cover the whole room, the walls, floor and ceiling. Then make a selection of accessories according to the print.
There should be a focal point for the bedroom. You may choose the bed as focal point; it may be the bookshelf, painted wall, or the play area. The focal point will give strength to your theme.
Observe deeply what your child loves, then select accordingly. For example your child loves football, and then sticks a small football on the wall behind the bed. You may hang the pictures of famous players of football on the walls.
Give special attention to the bed sheet, the color of the sheet will improve the color scheme & the theme. Blue chambray will be most suitable for this purpose. If the room belongs to a girl, then choose amazing & attractive flower prints.
Keep in mind for a suitable place to project the artwork and collections of the child. It may be the wall or the shelf.
A child needs a desk for computer & school work. Accommodate not only the desk, but toys, books and cloths. All of these things enhance the beautification, if placed properly. Doors, cabinets and drawers may become the part of the theme, if interesting hardware is mounted on them.
If you will repeat the colors, print and fabric for three times all around the room it will a good coordination and tie together everything.
Safety precautions:
The basic consideration for a child’s room should be safety precautions. The usable things shouldn’t be pointed. The electrical wires shouldn’t come in the way. The storage should be within the reach of the child. He may not feel any difficulty to reach the storage.
The golden framing gives an attraction and appeal to every one. Take some economical frames and put your child’s own artwork in these frames. The alternate is to cut colorful & artistic pictures from books or magazines and put them in frames.

Making a decoration for your beloved baby is no doubt a fun & frolic. Collect all the accessories on economical basis and don’t go beyond your limits. Keep in mind that in case of your baby’s room decoration, all the accessories should be safe and harmless. Not a single thing should be pointed to tease your baby. It will be better to take a guiding chart when you are going to buy the nursery furniture.

You know very well that you are going to buy your baby’s accessories, so it will be better to search tag sales or garage sales. If there is any secondhand sale store, you may concern it for those items which use for short periods, such like walker, jumper, or baby bath.

When selecting furniture or related items for your baby, it should be consider that when he will grow from infant to young child the accessories should be useful for him for a long time. Make a plan to buy it for only once.

The color plays an effective and impressive role in decoration. Try to choose the colors of the nursery matching with the colors of toys.

Do it yourself makes you economical and save your money. This practice keeps you in your budget. You will ask what you should have to do yourself. There are a lot of things like sew curtains, paint furniture, color the walls; it will better to stick wallpaper on walls.

Don’t surf all of your money on buying, take the accessories from your friends, who have use them in past and they are now in their storeroom. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. These used items will make your budget economical.

Select that color for painting the walls which may be suitable for a long time. Storing of toys, clothing and other infant accessories is also a problem. To overcome the problem, buy baskets, drawer and plastic shelves to accommodate all these things in a proper manner. The storage space may be achieved more by adding shelves along the walls. There is another option that you add extra rods in the closet for hanging baby’s cloths.


a)         Focus on safety. You buy anything such as old crib, car seat or playpen; ensure yourself that they according to the new safety standards.

b)         Render the services of a room decorator which choose the color scheme of the baby’s room. He may also select the beauty producing wallpapers & fabrics. If he is a master and have a command over his skill, then he will nicely stitch the window curtains and covering.

c)         It is very necessary to keep all the accessories of the infant within your reach. Arrange them in such a way that you would not walk away from your baby.

d)         A rocking chair is a must item for a baby’s bedroom, so don’t forget it. The chair should be easy and its cushions should be soft and comfortable. The rocking chair serves the purpose of feeding the baby in late-night.

To make stuffing dolls by yourself for kids is really fun and is a wonderful wayStuff Dolls to give present to your child, usually baby stuff doll is expensive and everyone cannot afford it. So why don’t you try it to make it by yourself at home. The things you need are fabric, cotton, needle for sewing and thread. What you have to do is just draw pattern and just fold your fabric half and cut out two of body and two of head from the fabric. Cut the pattern of legs and arm as well.

For small leg shape cut out 8 pieces because you need two each for both of the legs and two each for both of the arms. Idea of making doll is a fun and a wonderful way to make fluffy and lovely doll. If the measurements are not accurate then no need to worry because both cutting will compensate each other. And always keep in mind when you are cutting things of fabric, just do it carefully to avoid any accident.

Stuff Dolls

Now the in the last you have to join all the pieces of fabric together. Adjust the shape according to your desired outcomes. Now, it is the time for stitching the arm and legs of the doll. So start sewing, leaving the top part open. Then the legs, arms, body and head with cotton with your hands. Then join all the parts together to give it a proper look by sewing it with needle. You can make its eyes with the help of button and make its lips by embroidery. Now your stuff candy is ready to play.

Decoration of your children’s room can be a fun and excitement. You can use creative ideas to decorate a fantastic room for your child. You can decorate room for your child where they can rest, learn, play, imagine, create and most importantly be themselves. Decorate your child’s room  by arranging a unique rug, a personalized clock, colorful wall art,  an adorable growth chart ,delightful picture frames, fanciful wooden letters, or useful book ends to add just the ideal feel to your little angel’s room. our children magnetize, grow, learn, and discover from the environment. Removable wall art is a unique idea removes it when your child gets older. Removable wall stickers can be simply tied in to the room. Firstly change the color of your wall and then the stickers were applied to create the final glance.

Baby boy’s Room Decorations

Children's Room Decoration

Decorate your little baby boy’s room and he’ll love it for years. To make boy’s room a comfy and homey. Every parent dreams of decorating a room where their little boy can be a doctor, firefighter, engineer, astronaut, actor, professional athlete, or anything else his creative mind desires.   Colorful kid’s area rugs add bubbly interest and playtime pattern to kid’s bedrooms. Red, white and blue are naval rooms for boys. A little boy never dreams about going out to sea. These rooms will help them to imagine flow off.

Red, black, and white is absolutely unusual, yet refreshingly brittle and dirt free. Add painting and photos of race car and bikes make room that’s all boys.

Children's Room Decoration

You can make rope by hand, wraps it around a strong wire, and then shapes it to your child’s name. So he can feel like a super star. a few coats of Magnetic paints on your kids walls will grasp everything magnetic. you can decor walls and doors also with picture of Beach scenes, waterfalls, lovely landscapes, and designs for kids.

Baby Girl’s Room Decorations

Children's Room Decoration

You can decorate a special room for a princess. Decorate a girl’s room with paint, themes, and creative projects. You can decorate a perfect space that not only reflects your girl is, but inspires who she wants to be. Perhaps she wants to be a princess in a fairytale, daydream in a field of flowers and butterflies, or swim as a fish among the underwater sea life. Just find out what she really likes, and decorate her room according to her choice. You can also arrange dancing floor for girl’s rooms

You can use red, white pink and orange, Yellow has a way of brightening almost room.childerens love colorful rooms. Watery blues, sandy tans, and foamy white convey the feeling of sand and sea to a child’s room. Prints and checks create in this room sense of fun and classiness for a young girl. You can use a painted tree mural and rainbow mural on walls. This adds liveliness and elegance in the room. You can add Photos and paintings of castles, fishing, bows, baseball, trees, and gardens. You can paint a story on the wall of your child’s room, from Alice in Wonderland to dinosaurs.

Children's Room Decoration

You can paint an ocean scene, jungle scene, garden scene in your child’s room. You can also use sea foam green walls, and a handy display shelf. You can use primary colors and a border made from your child’s handprints.

For kids, holidays are the best time to have fun with cousins and friends. Kids love to exchange baked eatable things, sweets, chocolates and cookies with their friends in holidays. For this, kids are much excited to celebrate their holiday with their friends. They make a gift box and gathered many eatable item in this box. Today I am going to share, how to make special holidays box for kids in a very simple and easy way.

The things you required are cardboard craft box, glue .paint, pencils, brushes, scissors, ruler, scissor, ribbon, tissues, cards, linens, tags and wrapping paper.

First of all press the wrapping paper with iron with low heat to make surface even and smooth. With the help of box, trace the base of the box, lines and corners neatly.

Measure the sides’ height and base line to get the rough idea about the utilization of the wrapping paper. Now apply glue on the base of the box in small amount if you apply massive amount that will cause wrinkle on the box, so try to use glue sticks.

Paste the wrapping paper according to the aligning pencil lines. Cram the paper with the help of fingertips, wait until it dry. Repeat it on every side of the box.

To make attractive and eye-catching lid, choose the brighter and largest pattern to get the attention among your friends. You can paint them according to your own mind as well. Metallic paints look more eye-catching and attractive.

You can decorate it with ribbon, different flowers and any other decorating accessories. Now take different colorful wrapping papers or cellophane to cover sweets, chocolates. After arranging the cookies inside, cover the box with lid and decorate it with candles, post cards.

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