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No doubt wedding is an everlasting occasion, not for bride & groom, but for the invitees who attend the ceremony as well. The event is remembered by each and everyone. Usually the bride & groom sit in a decorated car and drive away when the ceremony comes to an end. Everything is memorable and so the car. Decoration of a car is an artistic and creative fun. Many of the grooms who are creative minded, buy a kit and decorate the car themselves, while the others take the cars to any company and pay the charges.


I know you want big and impressive steamers which may fly through the romantic air, when the car runs on the slippery roads. Surely this will be an exciting and heart touching event. If you follow my advice take silk ribbon like sheer organza or tulle which can acquire your demand. You will feel that your dream comes true. Adding a banner of “Just married” on the car is also becoming a tradition, so take a silk banner imprinted with the above mentioned words. It is like an announcement from you side that you are going to start a new life from the other day.

Banner is not necessary; this phrase may be painted on the car. Now give a final touch to your car and add a fancy and little miniature of bride & groom to a bed of silk and tie it around the grill of the car. What a fantastic idea it is!

Silk wreaths and flowers:

Don’t worry about the season; it is fall,   winter or raining. Due to the material of the flowers, the abrupt season can’t give harm to the silk flowers, because they are waterproof. Keep in mind that water would not wash away the banner or the painted words.

Silk flower bouquet:

Another fantastic idea for car decoration is silk flower bouquet, which match with the wedding colors. It is wise to make matching small bouquets and mount them on the handles of the car. If the car has an antenna, then tie the bouquets to it. If you are thinking about the bold & bright silk flowers, then put aside this idea, because bold silk flowers are very much suitable for summer or spring weddings. You may keep it for a white car. “Just married” should be added with matching colors as a final touch.


When you are decorating a car with silk or any other material, you see inside the car also. The interior of the car is as important as of exterior. Don’t take it lightly if the bride & groom are covering a little distance or up to the corner of the block, add some silk inside the car to make it charming and delightful.

Take some silk sheets or silk robes and wrap them around the seats. Spread red silk rose petals on the backseat all around. Give a final touch and arrange little silk pillows with a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne. Hurrah! Enjoy the life with your wife.

If you are willing to celebrate your wedding ceremony, then you should decorate with a new style and creativity. As you look attractive and charming, the church should also be delightful. Decorating a church is not expensive and didn’t give and extra load to your pocket.

Ideas and tips

The lighting scheme, whether it should be sparkling or dim and lower, depends on your own choice.

1. Your friend and well wishers will advice you, so take photographs of the different corners and objects. It will help to design the idea and size of the confined space.

2.         You may take help from net and have a fantastic idea that you have not come across before.

3. Before decorating a church take advice with the administrator of the church, because there may be any restrictions and you are unaware of it. Keep in mind that some churches have limitations.

4. Focus on your color scheme that plays an important role in your wedding ceremony.

5. Surely flowers enhance the beauty of the place where you keep them, however they are expensive and make a load on your budget. Purchase the flowers for the purpose and place them on important places like entrance. The potted plant may be used to produce the greenery and make the place cool & comfort.

6. Put down an aisle runner, if the church already have in its’ store.

7. If you have a plan to celebrate your wedding at night, then decorate some candles and put them on altar area.

8. There should be a heart touching fragrance on wedding occasion, so take a scent and spray it all around.

9. Decorate the church according to seasons; take bows & ribbons in Christmas colors.

Money-saving tips and ideas

1. It is not necessary to consume heavy money on decoration of the church. Follow those ideas which are economical and save money.

2. If your heart is demanding for flower arrangements, then to minimize the budget take more greenery and set it in fantastic manner.

3. Make a plan to marry on Christmas holidays, the church will be decorated already. That will minimize your expenditure.

4. When your guests will come to attend the ceremony their eyes will stick on the altar, so decorate that area in particular. Decorating just the altar will cut down your budget.

For decorating a church follow these suggestions:

1. Before booking, have a meeting with the administrator and ask him about the restrictions.

2. Some  church administrator don’t allow for candles & petals, then change your choice and enjoy with  Hydrangea flowers that will reduce the cost of your budget and lessen the amount of your expenditure. You know very well, that candle enhances the beauty and indicates your creativity. So manage for scented candles, if possible, that will change the suffocated atmosphere. It will be a valuable advice for you that use inexpensive hurricane vases to highlight the candles.

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