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If you are willing to celebrate your wedding ceremony, then you should decorate with a new style and creativity. As you look attractive and charming, the church should also be delightful. Decorating a church is not expensive and didn’t give and extra load to your pocket.

Ideas and tips

The lighting scheme, whether it should be sparkling or dim and lower, depends on your own choice.

1. Your friend and well wishers will advice you, so take photographs of the different corners and objects. It will help to design the idea and size of the confined space.

2.         You may take help from net and have a fantastic idea that you have not come across before.

3. Before decorating a church take advice with the administrator of the church, because there may be any restrictions and you are unaware of it. Keep in mind that some churches have limitations.

4. Focus on your color scheme that plays an important role in your wedding ceremony.

5. Surely flowers enhance the beauty of the place where you keep them, however they are expensive and make a load on your budget. Purchase the flowers for the purpose and place them on important places like entrance. The potted plant may be used to produce the greenery and make the place cool & comfort.

6. Put down an aisle runner, if the church already have in its’ store.

7. If you have a plan to celebrate your wedding at night, then decorate some candles and put them on altar area.

8. There should be a heart touching fragrance on wedding occasion, so take a scent and spray it all around.

9. Decorate the church according to seasons; take bows & ribbons in Christmas colors.

Money-saving tips and ideas

1. It is not necessary to consume heavy money on decoration of the church. Follow those ideas which are economical and save money.

2. If your heart is demanding for flower arrangements, then to minimize the budget take more greenery and set it in fantastic manner.

3. Make a plan to marry on Christmas holidays, the church will be decorated already. That will minimize your expenditure.

4. When your guests will come to attend the ceremony their eyes will stick on the altar, so decorate that area in particular. Decorating just the altar will cut down your budget.

For decorating a church follow these suggestions:

1. Before booking, have a meeting with the administrator and ask him about the restrictions.

2. Some  church administrator don’t allow for candles & petals, then change your choice and enjoy with  Hydrangea flowers that will reduce the cost of your budget and lessen the amount of your expenditure. You know very well, that candle enhances the beauty and indicates your creativity. So manage for scented candles, if possible, that will change the suffocated atmosphere. It will be a valuable advice for you that use inexpensive hurricane vases to highlight the candles.

Rental Home Decorating Ideas

You can identify how to decorate an attractive living space which will have a luxurious appearance on a budget cost, When you are searching for decoration information, ideas, and hints from experts internet is a big resource of information.

Countless people just appoint an interior designer to facilitate them choose the best direction to go with their innovative glance. Conversely expert designers are not economical and you can simply double the price of your assignment by appointing a professional expert. Further, decorating does not have to be a discouraging or boring task.

You can decorate your rental home or apartment by exploiting some easy tips and deliberate where you can come up with decoration in a budget.

The subsequent you are not permitted to implement, unless of section you have made some type of contract with your landowner:

  • If you would like to do some decorative and artistic amendments, you have to ask your landlord’s first prior to you executing anything.
  • You surprise to know that some do not annoy as long as there are no damages base to the building, and other renters security is not at risk also.
  • You cannot change enduring module in your rental house or apartment. Approximating tub, sinks, cabinets, carpeting, flooring, etc… If you want to replace anything you have to take permission to your landlord.
  • You cannot do any electrical repairs also, if somewhat is not working, call the landlord.
  • You cannot set enduring fittings in rental house or apartment. For example you cannot add endure kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, etc.

If you have decided a plan of the glance that you would like, and then select the goods you will exploit.

  • It is significance to paint your rental home/apartment, decorate it the mode you would like. Several property owners may possibly permit you to paint the rooms.
  • You can change your window belongings, throw cushion and couch covers for entirely diverse appearance of your rental home or apartment.
  • You can place an area rug to cover up a damaged shabby floor. It also adds the colors and freshness.
  • You can decorate your home by using the wall paper that giving your room dimensions.
  • You can hang long curtains and curtain stick; they give the room cozy homey feelings and make softer the window frames. When you leave that home you must patch up the walls hole.
  • You can use fabric to hide the evident white walls color though toting up romance to your bedroom. You can use a bed with canopy and hang stunning curtains along the bed
  • You can also decorate children’s room by using numerous painting that match up about the same theme.
  • You can convert beach towels into little drapery by lynching then on the walls of your kid’s rooms.
  • You can simply search out multicolored character towels similar to Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and the Power Rangers in your favorite store. You also find towels with simple and attractive theme approximating the beach or flowers or mountains.
  • You can make your personal outlook by lynching plants equally inside and outside of your windows of your living room.
  • In your dining room you can change table cover, candles, flowers and even setting the table with valiant dishes.
  • In The kitchen you can add a detachable wallpaper border according to your kitchen cabins and display basket of fruit and flowers.

  • You can add bathroom accessories for your master bathroom into your master bedroom.

You are in a momentary space and any decoration and design choice you compose is simply erratic.

Drying flowers are very popular and looks beautiful in home decoration. These flowers stay for long time and use in different decorations. There are several methods of drying flowers. I will discuss some of them for you.


This method is very popular and more commonly used.  For drying flowers, the things you need are books and flowers. What you have to do is, just place the flower between the books and weight the surface with other books. After few days, your dried flowers will be in your hand. Violets and pansies look wonderful after drying.

Air Drying

This method is best for drying bouquet or a corsage. Just join the flowers tightly and bind them together. Take off all the leaves of flowers because leaves hold water and slow down the drying process. To keep them bright and colorful, hang them in a cool and dark room but the room should be airy. This will stop decaying. This is a long process and almost takes a month or more. You will see the stem will dry out. Now it is ready to place any where.

Oven Drying

Oven drying is one of the most interesting ways to dry out the flowers.  What you have to do is, just preheat oven to the lowest centigrade and put the flowers on oven tray, or on a cookie sheet enclosed with parchment paper. To remove the humidity, keep open door of the oven. It takes too much time, but for best result dries them overnight. Marigolds, zinnias, cornflowers, and chrysanthemums are best for oven drying.

Desiccant Drying

This process gives you best results. The trendiest desiccant is silica, which you can get from craft stores.  First you have to dry the product in the oven. Then put it in a pot with air tight lid. Flowers with solid heads, for example carnations, can be dried without losing its face down.  Delicate flowers often loose their face down.

Dried flowers are very difficult to clean. So to clean them, use duster feather and clean it very gently. You can get good result by dry them with the help of blow dryer.

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