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Let's Enter in a Compact=

Going outside and taking lunch & dinners is romantic and joyful, but when you pass week holiday in your house, the kitchen attracts. Arranging and managing a stylish kitchen is one of the most important decisions you have to take.

In setting a proper and elegant kitchen, the space is main factor. If you have a narrow and tight space, a kitchen sometimes connected with the corners of another room. It looks a part of the other room, but however it separates from your planning & style.

If you utilize the various kitchen materials in a nice way, then problem may be solved. The material such like stainless steel shelves, wooden butcher’s block and limestone. Where as floor tiles gives a pretty look to everyone. If you want to separate the dinning with kitchen use a curved breakfast bar. The division between the two will be ideal.

After making a perfect setup and necessary arrangements you go for painting. There are different options for it and if you have a small budget, then make it economical and cost saving. For giving a warm country look to your kitchen use soft blue color. Wooden work top makes or fine combination with nearly every color units. Your choice should be of hardwood like maple or oak. Now, if you will paint the open shelves with a matching color, it will give an impression that the congested place became vast and open. Peninsula unit if installed provides an extra storage and may be fitted with a butlers sink. This type of sink makes a traditional theme.

I give you an example of Rosy and her husband who buy a new house in Lancashire. Their Kitchen and dinning were in separate rooms. Their planning was worst, because the light was less and space was congested. They called architecture and request him to plan. He was expert in his field, so he converted both the rooms in one. This practice will provide a suitable and vast space for cooking, sitting & eating.

The designer installed striking black granite and run of units that screen off the sink. The result was fruitful; the couple found the space modern, stylish & easy to do their work.

Another example is of Mrs. Gordon, who buy a house of good condition, but she became stunned when she saw her Kitchen. That was total depressive and enjoying. The layout of the kitchen was not appealing.

Her husband assured her to change the total layout. He called one of his friends who had command over drafting and construction. He made the storage space wide by tall hanging units and installed them on back wall within the reach of the Mrs. Gordon. By this practice they find a free space on the floor. For taking more illumination the side windows were enlarged slightly and then a light and sophisticated color scheme gave a tremendous effect. It seems to be that the kitchen has opened and become vast. That master mind planner fitted the work surfaces at different levels, which enhance the beauty of the place.

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